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      New Teamspeak!   07/31/2017

      We are switching IPs for TS the new one will be prorp2.ts.nfoservers.com Enjoy the new layout 
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Zee Doctor

ProRp Alpha 0.3

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As all of you know from reading my CitizenMP Development thread, you know that there is a big update coming to Project Roleplay.

We have big plans that correct some flaws that exist in the current system that warranted complete dismissal of the feature with a rewrite or reincorporation but with the additional features required to complete the system. As this is Alpha, we're still kind of on a bumpy road still but we're delivering our projects goals and achievements. You are free to make server suggestions, just be aware that they can/will be accepted, denied, or put on hold.

And without further a due, I'm glad to introduce that when we're running the updated server platform, we will no longer be just Alpha 0.2, but Alpha 0.3.

Most of the hype is included in the announcement about CitizenMP Development, however that does not mean that we will post here with even more sneak peaks! We're under a time constraint so we're trying our hardest to get this done as quickly as possible.

kygbee.png When you see this, just know it is time for you to enjoy the 3rd generation of Project Roleplay's development releases.

For this that may have missed this thread

Although we have made some smaller adjustments with our CitizenMP server to attempt to fix some issues, we will be addressing those issues and ensuring they do not come back in on FXServer. If they do, they will be minimalistic however and not have an impact on gameplay at all.

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Some may be repeat images, but come on it's a showcase!

nacmui.png First load-in requires character setup

xffekk.pngOr if you already have a character select one, and bam!

vclrbr.pngFor those that need multiple identities to roleplay their varieties, head to the court house and get setup for a fee of course.

ucwqoh.pngMulticar garages, you can retrieve/store at the garages. Keep in mind where you park it determines where the vehicle can be retrieved.

phdkti.pngWe forgot we didn't own anything

ogxwma.pngBought a journey, just to show this (and yes for X owned vehicles in the garage it'll display Y on the list)

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want to choose a different character on start?

You can do that!

Just pick which one you want to load and type /id <id number>

Your in game ID, money, vehicles and soon to be houses are persistent to your character id!

You no longer have to /setid every time you change characters it changes for you!

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