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      New Teamspeak!   07/31/2017

      We are switching IPs for TS the new one will be prorp2.ts.nfoservers.com Enjoy the new layout 
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Zee Doctor

CitizenMP Development

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I am here to inform you, as of today 08/02/2017 we will no longer be developing on the old server platform CitizenMP. 

Deprecation of CitizenMP (August 15th cut-off)

We are going to be continuing our development on FXServer, and once this transition to FXserver is complete, we will officially be under alpha 0.3 and there will be even more stuff coming just to let you guys in on the loop

Prepare for the small hype over this change

cuvlji.png Whats that you say? The start of 1) proper character identification, and 2) proper jail persistency.

8hWC4_faR6mh53z1d_aITQ.png Excuse the damage, showing off the carwash was more important for those that demand clean cars!

b51P_AJEQpqatvfc5-Zmhw.png Tired of those darn seat shufflers and their shoes scuffing up the darn upholstery? Well seatbelts stop that! 

webgos.pngI know, he's too tall to be an elf! But just look at that fashion trend, absolutely classy!

_TDUpPR8Sxi2-cVaClWxOQ.png Fancy character creation, think we might have some complications from point A to point B though, but it's only an alleyway and some away.. I think!

PqNzb8wZTqquVV6rGDxR2w.png Oops, we ran into some.. well, issues..

mroxky.pngLong behold a fancy HUD :o

Trust me, there's way more to come!

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Server One 0.2 has been officially turned off, and replaced by Server One 0.3

You do need to be re-whitelisted, get in contact with myself or an Admin on TeamSpeak to get whitelisted, and if you are apart of the departments to receive your in-game permissions.

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