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  1. The only thing we don't have a god for is premature ejaculation... but I hear that it's coming quickly.

    1. Akasha Heart

      Akasha Heart

      U a nasty bear jest nassstyyyy

  2. Ted E. Bear is currently taking a long nap, Please leave a msg!

    1. Akasha Heart

      Akasha Heart

      Ted E. Bear is sleepy

    2. Damo  DiNozzo
    3. Akasha Heart

      Akasha Heart

      Bear is hungry

  3. Im spinning some oldies 4 u fluffy

  4. Im Live Again my Pc restarted when i was sleeping  http://myradiostream.com/akashaheart

  5. Happy Day of Birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Chato Santana

      Chato Santana

      grass is always greener in the future

    3. Akasha Heart

      Akasha Heart

      Akasha likes that thought

  6. Probie 4 Life or until Aiden lifts the Probie status from me :(

    1. Jimmy Palmer

      Jimmy Palmer

      It's not up to Aiden.

    2. Chato Santana

      Chato Santana

      its an ongoing joke mate

  7. Bear would like to wish you a Happy Day of Birth!!!

  8. Ted thank you for all of your support. It is much appreciated!

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