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      New Teamspeak!   07/31/2017

      We are switching IPs for TS the new one will be prorp2.ts.nfoservers.com Enjoy the new layout 

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  1. Today, we are shifting to a brand new teamspeak as the old one will soon be a thing in the past. Starting Monday we'll be using it then on. For now just head on over to get your tags sorted! The new IP will be prorp2.ts.nfoservers.com Be sure to bookmark it! When you join the new server be sure to scroll up, as you will land in the middle of the teamspeak now, and go to "[URGENT] Teamspeak Tags" and link your profile or a screenshot of your tags in the old teamspeak to make this a smooth transition! Cheers, Management Team
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6C0yQTHiCV7MEpEN1oxS2hzNFk Here is a little addition so you get street names on your map. Unzip, drag and drop the citizen folder into your FiveM directory and watch the magic happen
  3. This guy below me is a big freak apparently Kappa

  4. Someone turn on the heat a bit would you?

  5. You are all a potato :] 

  6. Hope people are excited for the map updates! Big Changes coming

    1. Stephen Init

      Stephen Init

      Honestly can't say how appreciative we are of all the work you put in! Can't wait to see what all your hard work creates! ????