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  1. Actually Rockstar released an unofficial statement today on the GTA forums saying that they are trying to "work something out", something that will not have a "negative impact on its players". And as far as FiveM goes, it sounds reasonably safe, at least for the forceeable future. No inside chatter of any kind with admins or the cfx collective.
  2. Soon time to head to the airport. My flight for San Andreas leaves tonight!

  3. Got my flight booked for 2 weeks from now, San Andreas here I come! Hopefully the people are more friendly there.

    1. Reek Smith

      Reek Smith


      I think we may be on the same flight :-)


  4. Hey it's Joe, wanna give it a go?

    1. John Carti

      John Carti


  5. Looks like things are coming along nicely!