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  1. Added - Bus spawn point Smoke on the Water Weed Deliveries Fixed - NONE Changed - NONE Removed - NONE
  2. Alpha Changelog - 08/13/2017 0.2 to 0.3, server opening today, sometime.. Added - 24 players to 32 players, because we dropped CitizenMP (citmp) and switch to FXServer (fx) Fire department, fire loadouts Multiple car garages Multiple characters LS Customs customization saving (still no cost, yet) Taxi vehicle spawn point [look for a yellow taxi icon] Towtruck (flatbed) vehicle spawn point [look for a tow icon, or the impound lot] Multiple vehicle shop locations (allows you to purchase and own a vehicle) Multiple garage locations (allows you to store and pull out vehicle) DMV System for vehicle recognition Better lock system (remembers all vehicles that you own, not just a single vehicle) Key system (give people a key to your vehicle, only valid until server restart) Service vehicle locations (allows emergency services to repair/store/pull out vehicles) Duty locations (allows emergency services to go on duty only at the duty station) Character creation menu Better clothing stores, persistent customization Better vehicle damage system On duty check for bank/store robberies Identity management, create up to 4 identities Fixed - There's so much that was fixed, that I cannot keep track of it or remember half of it. Changed - Black Market weapon prices Character and identification system Speedometer Removed - 0.2 weird infrastructures, or old 0.2 setups NPC peds, refer to multiplayer ped customization Junk resources Temporarily removed the handling, seems there is an issue in our handling and it does not work in fxserver Smoke on the Water wasn't working to begin with for some reason, plus not compatible with new base yet Drinking, as it's not compatible with new base Fuel system, we're going to make ourselves. Something way better!
  3. Server One 0.2 has been officially turned off, and replaced by Server One 0.3 You do need to be re-whitelisted, get in contact with myself or an Admin on TeamSpeak to get whitelisted, and if you are apart of the departments to receive your in-game permissions.
  4. I am here to inform you, as of today 08/02/2017 we will no longer be developing on the old server platform CitizenMP. Deprecation of CitizenMP (August 15th cut-off) We are going to be continuing our development on FXServer, and once this transition to FXserver is complete, we will officially be under alpha 0.3 and there will be even more stuff coming just to let you guys in on the loop Prepare for the small hype over this change Whats that you say? The start of 1) proper character identification, and 2) proper jail persistency. Excuse the damage, showing off the carwash was more important for those that demand clean cars! Tired of those darn seat shufflers and their shoes scuffing up the darn upholstery? Well seatbelts stop that! I know, he's too tall to be an elf! But just look at that fashion trend, absolutely classy! Fancy character creation, think we might have some complications from point A to point B though, but it's only an alleyway and some away.. I think! Oops, we ran into some.. well, issues.. Long behold a fancy HUD Trust me, there's way more to come!
  5. --[GENERAL COMMANDS]-- /balance - check your bank balance /deposit [amount] - deposit money at a bank or ATM (10k limit at ATM) /withdraw [amount] - withdraw money from bank or ATM (10k limit as ATM) /transfer [ID] [amount] - transfer amount from your bank to another person /pay [ID] [pay] - give cash to another person (other player must be near you) /id [id] - select a different character /voip - change your voip range /showid [ID] - display your ID to another player /311 [message] - contacts emergency personnel in case of non-emergency /911 [message] - contacts emergency personnel in case of emergency /ooc [message] - send an OOC message /pm [ID] [message] - send an OOC private message to another player /text [ID] [message] - send an in-character private message to another player /ad [message] - send out an advert to the server /me [message] - sends a message about yourself to the server /hat - toggle visual hat on/off (must have hat set via clothing store) /glasses - toggle visual glasses on/off (must have glasses set via clothing store) /mask - toggle visual mask on/off (must have mask set via clothing store) /armor - toggle visual armor on/off (must have armor set via clothing store) /suicide - :( /viewbill - view amount owed to the state /paybill [amount] - pay off some of what you owe to the state /key [ID] - give vehicle key to another player (they must be near) /tow - tows a vehicle (must be using a tow truck as last vehicle) /eon - turns engine on /eoff - turns engine off /et - toggles engine on/off /idle - forces vehicle to remain on after exiting /door [door] [open/close] - open/closes doors (menu is easier) /repair - attempt to do basic vehicle repairs (no animation for female models, sorry) /seatbelt - prevents you from switching seats in a car (resets after you exit a vehicle)
  6. As all of you know from reading my CitizenMP Development thread, you know that there is a big update coming to Project Roleplay. We have big plans that correct some flaws that exist in the current system that warranted complete dismissal of the feature with a rewrite or reincorporation but with the additional features required to complete the system. As this is Alpha, we're still kind of on a bumpy road still but we're delivering our projects goals and achievements. You are free to make server suggestions, just be aware that they can/will be accepted, denied, or put on hold. And without further a due, I'm glad to introduce that when we're running the updated server platform, we will no longer be just Alpha 0.2, but Alpha 0.3. Most of the hype is included in the announcement about CitizenMP Development, however that does not mean that we will post here with even more sneak peaks! We're under a time constraint so we're trying our hardest to get this done as quickly as possible. When you see this, just know it is time for you to enjoy the 3rd generation of Project Roleplay's development releases. For this that may have missed this thread Although we have made some smaller adjustments with our CitizenMP server to attempt to fix some issues, we will be addressing those issues and ensuring they do not come back in on FXServer. If they do, they will be minimalistic however and not have an impact on gameplay at all.
  7. Some may be repeat images, but come on it's a showcase! First load-in requires character setup Or if you already have a character select one, and bam! For those that need multiple identities to roleplay their varieties, head to the court house and get setup for a fee of course. Multicar garages, you can retrieve/store at the garages. Keep in mind where you park it determines where the vehicle can be retrieved. We forgot we didn't own anything Bought a journey, just to show this (and yes for X owned vehicles in the garage it'll display Y on the list)
  8. Updated player/civilian commands as of 08/02/2017 # Commands # /ooc [message] - send an out of character message to the server /pm [ID] [message] - send a PM to the specified ID /ad [message] - send an advertisement to the server /911 [message] - send in a report that is an emergency /me [message] - perform an action /voip [whisper/normal/yell] - set your VOIP range /myid - displays your identification to yourself /showid [ID] - displays your identification to specified ID /eon - turn your engine on/eoff - turn your engine off /idle - keep your engine running /repair - repairs the vehicle infront of you /door [door] - open the door you specify /et - basically engine toggle # Controls # F5 - UI Menu for emotes and vehicles Z - Speed Limiter DELETE - Hands up L - Lock/Unlock vehicles
  9. I support this, as well can I verify that it works and does as it says. Thank you so much for this. Appreciation goes beyond words.
  10. Alpha Changelog - 07/27/2017 Added - Added bank robbery location Added store robbery location Added Paleto Bay LS Customs location Added deliveries PostOP location on Plaice Dr (Elysian Islands depot) Fixed - NONE Changed - Smoking weed visuals updated to as if you were 'stoned' in GTA Removed - NONE
  11. Alpha Changelog - 07/25/2017 Added - NONE Fixed - Bank robberies - global (15 minute) + local (45 minute) timer, and detector for if 3 cops are online. Store robberies - global (15 minute) + local (45 minute) timer, and detector for if 2 cops are online. Changed - NONE Removed - NONE
  12. Alpha Changelog - 07/22/2017 Added - Advanced Car Physics (watch how you treat cars, as you just might find yourself disabled or totally wrecked out) Fixed - NONE. Changed - NONE. Removed - Banks temporarily disabled until proper counters for on duty LEO implemented
  13. Added - NONE. Fixed - NONE. Changed - NONE. Removed - Store robberies temporarily disabled, refer to why banks were disabled
  14. Added - Vehicle garages now include a location in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores Fixed - NONE. Changed - Manifest versions updated to the latest Removed - NONE.
  15. Alpha Changelog - 07/16/2017 Added - Route 68 Fleeca Bank Robbery Pause menu (Project Roleplay 0.2) title Project Roleplay watermark Fixed - Bank robberies! Robberies require a weapon now Changed - Most of the blips are colored Removed - Several blips to clean up the blip list Area block codes (to be reimplemented) Housing (to be reimplemented)
  16. Alpha Changelog - 07/12/2017 Added - LS Customs vanity (customize your cars appearance) Fixed - /911 Changed - NONE Removed - NONE
  17. The long drawn wait is over! Coming to real soon to a Project Roleplay server near you!
  18. This is what is currently in the works, but new improved system! https://gyazo.com/4beaf16c1b21838eefd2bce91af10690 And stay tuned, more to come!
  19. Alpha Changelog - 07/10/2017 Added - Outfit configuration for LEO (shirts/hats/glasses) Fixed - Weird glitch with EMS system letting you die by getting attacked/shot caused the timer to reset Changed - EMS and LEO system revamped completely Menu revamped completely, new key to open/close is F5 (enjoy the courtesy of using a mouse now) Removed - NONE
  20. We're seriously fancy around here, now do you all believe me?
  21. Alpha Changelog - 07/08/2017 Added - NONE Fixed - Missing/skipped over non-asynchronous db interactions are now asynchronous Changed - LEO and EMS system rework (no more IDs, everything is now based by closest player) Removed - NONE
  22. Alpha Changelog - 07/03/2017 Added - NONE Fixed - NONE Changed - NONE Removed - Trucking Jobs (seems to not be in English, cause unknown)
  23. Alpha Changelog - 07/02/2017 Added - Delivery jobs (343 drop-offs, 3 spots to get started) Fixed - NONE Changed - Non-asynchronous MySQL is now asynchronous Removed - NONE
  24. Alpha Changelog - 06/30/2017 Added - Dirty Money Laundering Judge announces your sentencing Fixed - Dirty Money Changed - Being cuffed no longer makes you waddle on the spot Dirty money is lost, ONLY when you die Removed - NONE.
  25. Added - NONE Fixed - All trucking job's truck and trailer spawn properly Trucking job's weird blue highlight bar is gone Trucking job's payouts adjusted (meaning balanced) Changed - NONE Removed - NONE