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  1. I guess Bailey is going on vacation since Los Santos is a dry city now
  2. want to choose a different character on start? You can do that! Just pick which one you want to load and type /id <id number> Your in game ID, money, vehicles and soon to be houses are persistent to your character id! You no longer have to /setid every time you change characters it changes for you!
  3. The following actions no longer need ID numbers (When this all goes live) revive cuff uncuff seat unseat escort
  4. Vehicle Menu More screenshots to follow.
  5. CIV Menu More screenshots to follow.
  6. Police Menu
  7. EMS Menu
  8. Vehicle Repair! https://i.gyazo.com/4beaf16c1b21838eefd2bce91af10690.mp4
  9. This thread is closed. Please ask a support member how you get whitelisted now. Thanks!
  10. Community Members, It is unfortunate that one of the tools that we use as a community has been delivered a Cease and Desist order from Take 2 Interactive (GTAV Publisher). The reason they were taken down is, this tool (OPENIV), was used to leak upcoming GTAV Online DLC, thus taking money directly out of the hands of Take 2 Interactive. Take 2 Interactive has yet to release any type of official statement about the situation. This has no bearing on Project Role Play or GTAV RP as far as I am concerned. We will continue on as we have been. There is no talks that we are aware of (via our inside contacts at FiveM) that we should be concerned over. tldr; Don't take money from Take 2 Interactive or you will be shut down. FiveM has done just the opposite. Don't worry, be happy, play on player!
  11. Custom Handling Line which we are going to require soon. Get it now and get used to it before it is forced on you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B07GDxflC2EsTmx5X2pFREpjVGs
  12. Asking for a friend? LOL
  13. Additionally: There are no rules to the event, it is full on GTA Style event, you can shoot from cars, you can run people over, you can run cars off the road. There is NO INITIATION NEEDED!!!
  14. EVENT: Armored Truck Heist Reward: 200K Time: 9PM PST , 12AM EST Date: 6/9/2017 The city of Los Santos is expecting a shipment of Diamonds at one of the Ports in San Andreas. The shipment will be protected by heavily armed SWAT members. They will be transporting the cargo to an undisclosed location in Los Santos. Any civilian that attempts to intercept this vehicle should expect heavily armed guards as well as LSPD and BCSO Resources to be protecting the shipment. If someone was successful in intercepting, killing the guards and reaching the escape boat waiting at the Northern most point of San Andreas (Paleto) with the Armored Truck. They will be rewarded with the $200,000 dollars. Escape Boat Location
  15. IT IS ALMOST TIME!!! In order to get everyone whitelisted we need to start now. Here is what we need from you: 1) Attempt to connect to the server 2) When you fail the Whitelist-check you will get a error like this: 3) Take a screenshot of the error 4) Reply to this thread with your screenshot Include your Department if you belong to EMS or Law Enforcement Or if you are Admin staff and have not been whitelisted. 5) When your post is hidden in the thread, your whitelisting is complete. 6) Connect to the server and enjoy all that is Alpha GTAV ProRP! IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT TILL WE ARE DONE WHITELISTING THE OTHERS and we can assist you.