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  1. when did I ever hack


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    2. Jordan Belfort

      Jordan Belfort

      Please do so I honestly want to play Project RP. For my entire gaming career I have never hacked.

    3. Allie Savage

      Allie Savage

      resolved, thanks for your honesty and patience. 

      Application is moved back for review.

    4. Jordan Belfort

      Jordan Belfort


  2. 400 POSTS!!! What have I done with my life???

  3. Trolling and Baiting SO Officers does not pay off. >:(

  4. Trying a new chapter in Allie's life. DOC Cadet Allie Savage

  5. Psst Allie, You should unban me from TS. Bucky banned me for too long lmao

    1. Allie Savage

      Allie Savage

      Bucky said he would take care of it.

  6. hey shuga

    1. Allie Savage
    2. Akasha Heart

      Akasha Heart

      how r u shuga


    3. Allie Savage

      Allie Savage

      I am good, out of town doing training for my work.

  7. I must brush up on my Slavic languages, what the fuck does this sign say??

  8. Why is it EMS's job to clean up the undead carcasses? This is going to take a while.. 

  9. What'chu talkin'bout Allie?

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    2. Jon Smythe

      Jon Smythe

      are we getting a new map?    I'm working tonight, and tomorrow night, but then I'm going to be able to get online

    3. Allie Savage

      Allie Savage

      Yep a new map is being developed. We are days away from alpha testing. We are giving up on Lakeside all together!

    4. Jon Smythe

      Jon Smythe

      good, innovation will bring people to the servers.