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  1. Document for quick access https://goo.gl/5yzarL Give a thanks to Hannah S. G. Bear. She put it together! Project Roleplay is a serious roleplay community. Rules could be changed at anytime so please make sure you keep up to date with them. http://prorp.net/index.php?/topic/1077-official-rules/ We are currently in early alpha: Things will be buggy Things could be removed or changed Things will be added But it is still fun to come on and create jobs, talk to people and see what happens with your character. Before joining the server you will have to get whitelisted, to do this go to this link http://prorp.net/index.php?/topic/8983-whitelisting-sign-up-here-follow-instructions/ and follow the instructions. When you have been whitelisted for the server there are two things that you must do: Make sure your name in game is your RP name (at the moment you have to change your steam name) Be in the correct teamspeak channel for the server you are in Below is a list of a few features that will be included in alpha Working Economy Bank system Custom menu system Character creator Character persistence Character identification system Vehicle shop Personal vehicle storage Expensive non-persistent housing Legal and Non-Legal gun shop 911/Dispatch system with crime reporting In-Game Voip Legal and Non-Legal Jobs Group permission system (LEO/EMS/FIRE) Criminal Database As of right now we are using commands in game (look below for a list of them) eventually we are hoping to have everything done through menus /die - Commit Suicide /911 [message] - sends a 911 message /me [message] - perform and action /report [message] - sends a report to the admins /balance - displays your cash/bank amounts /deposit [amount] - deposits money into the bank. To do this you have to be in front of an atm or inside a bank, this is the same for /withdraw /withdraw [amount] - withdraw money from the bank. /pay [id] [amount] - gives money from your wallet to another player’s wallet /transfer [id] [amount] - transfers money from your bank to another player’s bank /setid [FIRST] [LAST] [DOB] - sets your character identification Example- /setid Sue Smith 09/14/1978 /voip [whisper/normal/yell] - sets your voip range /myid- displays your identification to yourself /showid [id] - displays your identification to another player Example- /showid 8 - you enter their id to show it /respawn - respawn if you have been down 5 minutes or longer /ooc [message] - for out of character. OOC is only used to ask questions or to get help. /ad [message] - advertisers a job etc. /pm [id] [message] - sends a message to a player in-game Example- /pm 5 hey, meet me at the garage /eon - engine one /eoff - engine off Key Bindings: F5 - Menu system this also includes the emotes for now Z - Speed Limiter (sets your vehicle at a certain speed) DELETE - Puts your hands up L - Locks and Unlocks vehicles (if you lock a vehicle and get into another you will be locked out of your previous vehicle) N - is the default push to talk When you log on to the server the first thing you want to do is change your character's appearance, to do this head to one of the clothing stores (icon is a yellow top). When you are in the store, press E and you can customize your character. (The way to change your appearance will change in the future). Only some of the clothing stores allow you to change your appearance and some barber shops allow you to as well. When you have enough money you can go to the vehicle shop and purchase a vehicle, as of right now until stated otherwise, you can only own one vehicle at a time, if you purchase another one, the previous one you purchased will be replaced with the new vehicle you purchase. The job centre is located near the garage, it is a blue suitcase, eventually you will also get paid extra for the job. At the job centre you can choose: Unemployed LS Transport Little Prick's Waste LS Power LS Water Downtown Cab Co Sans Tran Towing (San(Andrea)s Transportation Safety) Weazel News To change your voice volume in game, esc- settings- voice chat, also make sure your output and input is the correct mic and headphones that you use. Speed Limits are: City Limits - 35 MPH Senora Freeway and Palomino Freeway- 70 MPH Great Ocean HIghway - 55 MPH Highways through Los Santos- 55 MPH County Roads use the marked signs. (Grapeseed and Sandy Shores etc.) If you are having trouble with installing FiveM follow this: http://prorp.net/index.php?/topic/8558-tutorial-how-to-download-install-fivereborn/ Remember that this is still early alpha Welcome to the community, we hope you have fun. Here are some links that you will find helpful: http://prorp.net/index.php?/topic/8855-prorp-alpha-what-you-need-to-know/#comment-31851 - Everything you need to know about the server being alpha will be posted here http://prorp.net/index.php?/forum/183-changelogs/ - Change Logs for the server http://prorp.net/index.php?/forum/142-announcements-information/ - Here is where staff members will post about meetings, and overall updates on the server http://prorp.net/index.php?/forum/165-bug-reports/ - if you find any bugs post them here. (Do not message a staff member about a bug) http://prorp.net/index.php?/forum/185-game-server-suggestions/ - Here you can post suggestions about the server (Do not message a staff member about suggestions, use the forum) http://prorp.net/index.php?/forum/357-support-tickets/ - You can post questions here and people from the community can help you
  2. Support applications are currently open, if you would like to become support or one day possibly become an admin fill one out! we are in need of EU timezone support but both EU and NA are open.